Impact Reporting

Images convey what data and email alone cannot. When people read about your work, progress and achievements, they often miss vital contextual information and a personal, real connection to the project and the impact at hand.

Visual stories create a full impression of what is happening in any location you are working in, blending reason with emotion and image with information. This creates easy advantages over burdensome administration, reporting and communication.

If needed, we can also help with implementation and/or strategy development

Data without context is just information. Data with context is knowledge.

  • Albert Einstein

What does this deliver?

Improved stakeholder engagement
Only when one can truly engage with stakeholders on a deeper level can the full potential of a project come to life. Field Reporter enhances your reporting with rich visual content and authentic impact stories.
Improved Knowledge Building
Capture and share key insights and best practices both horizontally and vertically within your organisation and become the industry thought leader you want to be.
Powerful team spirit & employee satisfaction
Stay up to date with your team mates, across all timezones. Share best practices, learn from each other and keep that teamspirit high.