About Us

Everybody has a story to tell. And this is ours.

It all began when Aike and John met in Amsterdam, early 2015, when they realized that they have access to a technology that can solve the opaque nature of sustainability and impact. Wow.

That vision is at the heart of the team and its members. We each have a 10+ year track record on our specialized areas of expertise, showing a clear personal drive and a commitment to professional sustainability. You can also use our expertise for strategy development, implementation and/or ICT integration.

We are here to make a big positive difference.


Our team is made up of a bunch of great people, driven by the belief that there are better, faster and richer ways to communicate. Whether this is between a farmer and a consumer, an fund manager and portfolio companies or team-mates working remotely all over the world.

Aike Müller
With over 10 years experience in ICT security, sustainability and entrepreneurship, Aike keeps the main goal always within sight.
Derek Hardwick
Chief Technical Officer
Loves Pizza. And code. Preferably together. Derek is our lead developer focussing on innovation and product development. More than 10 years experience in developing ict tools of which 5 at UTZ certified.
Kim van der Leeuw
Chief Business Development Officer
Loves telling a good story. Responsible for business innovation. 15 years experience in energy & carbon projects in 20+ countries. Co-founder of Waka Waka.
Simon Hodges
Simon Hodges is a storytelling consultant and trainer with around 10,000 trainees under his belt. He specialises in bringing out the core story of the most complex sectors having honed his craft with corporate, non-profit and social business clients.
John van Duursen
John lives for ecosystem restoration & entrepreneurship. 10+ years experience in impact entrepreneurship and sustainability. Within Field Reporter, John has an advisory role.