What is Field Reporter?

Field Reporter is a visual reporting platform that allows organisations to capture and share their stories in a fast, authentic and coordinated way across different countries and time zones. Visual impact. Real data.

Capture stories from anybody. Anywhere.

Our remote storyboarding technology allows clients to deploy specific scripts for structured and tailor-made storytelling. Say goodbye to long and windy emails and forms.

Enrich your story with data.

Advanced tagging and form integration means you can add that all-important data to your stories. Search the story database, pick best examples and showcase your impact!

Show, don’t tell.

Don't bore your stakeholders. Instead, engage them by simply showing the impact of your work. Whether it is about inspiring examples, lessons learned or impact reporting, Field Reporter has you covered.

Authentic communication, consistently told.

Field Reporter allows teams, projects and people to showcase their impact without the need for advanced editing skills or expensive production agencies.

How can I use Field Reporter?

Our platform has multiple benefits and uses. The two most common ones are internal communication/knowledge sharing, and engaging with stakeholders by showing the impact of your projects. Knowledge of what makes a great story is embedded in the tool itself. Alongside, we give you a range of storyboards to choose from so you can pick and adapt the one most relevant to your situation. The tool allows you full control of the scripts you send out to your reporters, informed by knowledge of great storytelling and effective communication.

Knowledge sharing

Stay up to date with your team mates and projects, across all timezones. Share best practices, learn from each other and keep that teamspirit high.

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Impact reporting

Keep your stakeholders engaged by showing the impact of your projects. Deploy scripts to the field, capture stories, enrich with data and show them to those who matter to you.

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Case studies

A large / international development bank needs to report on the development impact they are creating and showcase it to stakeholders. The current reporting protocols create a heavy burden on the local financing partners. Furthermore, the traditional reports are not convincing critics and/or NGO’s on their added value. This bank uses Field Reporter to create visual reports on the impact created in a more effective, authentic and intuitive way.
A leading (voluntary) sustainability standard is using Field Reporter to reduce the transaction costs, mainly related to farm visits, and capture the impact of the certification program on the farms for internal sharing and learning. In 2017, they intend to use it to feed their clients (consumer facing brands) with ‘impact stories from the field’.
An international foundation with an innovative approach to ecosystem restoration has projects across the planet. Each project has a team that builds partnerships, engages communities, develops alternative business models and has to convince financiers and governments. Each project (team) has similar challenges and they are all working as hard as they can. So far, each project had to reinvent the wheel because it was difficult to capture key insights and share those with the other projects in a fast, simple and authentic way. With Field Reporter, the horizontal flow of insights between the projects not only accelerates learning. It also benefits the team spirit and proves to be an effective tool for effective management decisions.

Contributing to a purpose-driven economy.

A huge societal shift is happening towards a purpose-driven economy. One where money is only part of a much wider goal. At Field Reporter we believe the days of compliance driven, one-size-fits all bureaucratic processes are numbered, simply because they are expensive, slow and not suitable to capture the full picture and support your claim.

Technology now offers us a unique opportunity to capture the value of making an impact and create a shared context of understanding between you and your stakeholders.

Seeing is believing. By showing transparent and authentic insights, Field Reporter inspires others to join the journey towards a better, more inclusive future. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Just imagine what impact driven storytelling can do.

Visual impact. Real data.

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